artist's statement

In 2001, I began sculpting to entertain my right brain while working in left brain environments, finding my way back to art, a childhood interest, and sculpting was my first artistic choice.

In 2005, I moved on to painting. Being self-taught, my training is using keen observation and problem solving skills. I am not reaching for a particular style since I consider myself a process painter on a very personal journey. For me, painting is an act of experimentation in points of time. I move from minimalism to graphic abstraction or linger in raw process. I obscure dialogue, shapes, marks, or numbers within multiple layers of texture, using specific colors. I plow or quietly step through color fields toward a temporary conclusion, and enjoy the discovery process when expression is in an illusive state. I rarely consider any paintings finished because they are always a layer away from being done. I am attracted to the beauty of abandoned and dilapidated urban architecture as they create interesting landscapes and, they remind me of the human story in the aging process.

If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything.

- Marva Collins, from Working Women for the 21st Century